Our Company



AJP Business Pte Ltd (know as AJP) is licensed by IDA and AJP stand for ASIA Join Partner Business.

AJP provides Voice Over IP (VOIP) Services and Solutions, Managed Data Network Services (MDNS), InfoComms Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services over IP enabled cabled and wireless platforms. These give you the mobility so that whether in Local or overseas, you are connected and ready to capitalize on opportunities.

Founded in year 2009 and operate in Singapore with team of management, consultants & Partners whom have regional business experience in different industries and trades, Telecoms expertise and experience in building technology operations in the Asia region and as part of multinational operations. We believe with these expertise and experience, we can give you the edge you need to enable your business to reach competitive presence.



Often people achieve only incremental progress, because their view of tomorrow is determined by what they see today .

At AJP, we believe the future belongs to those smart enough to challenge it. We believe that real progress belongs to those who not only think with courage, but also have the courage to deliver on the thought. Tomorrow’s answers, delivered today.

What drives us is knowing that what is good for our customers today is not necessarily good enough for them tomorrow. What excites us is asking the unasked question. What inspires us is seeing the opportunity others cannot. What unites us is the intelligence to deliver where others have not.

This benefits our customers because we sustain their future competitiveness and meet the consumers’ unspoken needs.
This ambition defines us. This is the way we work. This is why we come to work. This is AJP.

We believe in:

  1. Focusing on our customers’ future first
  2. Embracing entrepreneurial thinking
  3. Developing the talents of our people
  4. The courage and curiosity to question
  5. Integrity and responsibility in our actions