Private Cloud

Managed Architecture

Our manged Private Clouds allow you to deploy an entire private cloud quickly—when and where you want it, ready for whatever you want to do with it, be it for Web application or Desktop Virtualization.

Our managed Private Clouds simplify your development and deployment by giving you the ability to quickly spin up a turnkey cloud, burst instantly to meet demand, scale incrementally, and more. All built on the industry’s most advanced, durable, and robust global cloud infrastructure built for Internet scale, which seamlessly spans over our partnering worldwide data center and network footprint.

Keys Advantage

On-Demand Scalability : Deploy your nodes and virtual servers as and when you need.

Full Management and Access : Keep control using the Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, as the cloud management solution. CloudPlatform’s flexibility and ease of use provide the control, efficiency, and scalability that innovative private cloud solutions require.

Seamless Global Deployment : Our global data center and private network footprint let you deploy Private Cloud zones in any of our partnering data center, and control them from a single management server anywhere else.

Object Storage Integration : Share virtual machine images, files, and other data resources across your private cloud with our advanced, searchable Object Storage solution.