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Connected by the industry’s most advanced network within a network, our NETLAYER boasts more than 2,000 Gbps (2Tbps) of connectivity between Global light-off Data Centers and Global Network Points of Presence (PoPs), with multiple 10Gbps connections per location from leading network carriers and public peering links to additional Internet access networks, and good latency, such as less than 40ms, into the private network from locations around the world.

SDN Gateway – Put NetLayer to work

No two clouds are built the same way. No matter what you call it, cloud computing just not dropping from sky - no mojo. Cloud computing comes from physical hardwares inside brick and mortar facilities connected by hundreds of miles of networking cables. That being said, we present you NETLAYER SDN Gateway Appliance – Vyatta powered.

The dedicated SDN Gateway Appliance provides secure remote access and Layer-2 cloud bridging by becomes the first network hop, can be Frontend Customer Router (FCR) or Backend Customer Router (BCR). It is also possible to provision multiple SDN devices together to perform a high-availability group.


The Vyatta platform utilizes network functions virtualization (NFV) and emerging software-defined networking (SDN) technologies based on open standards and open source initiatives.


Feature Highlight

  1. Routing: RIPv2, OSPF, BGP.
  2. Encapsulation: Frame relay or PPP.
  3. Address translation (NAT).
  4. Redundancy protocol (VRRP).
  5. DHCP server or relay.
  6. Troubleshooting: TCPdump.
  7. Stateful Firewall.
  8. more ....

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