ISP Neutral, Secure, Scalable and Easy-to-manage Network Environment

AJP provide your business with ISP neutral, secure, scalable and easy-to-manage single integrated platform to deliver Intranet and Internet services via IP VPN (internet protocol virtual private network) This facility enable businesses to utilise dedicated end-to-end private data connections for their Inter-Office Voice & Video, Intranet, Extranet or any other Mission-critical applications across multiple offices or for implementation of Data Recovery sites.



  1. ISP neutral - In regradless of which Fiber broadband is used, Data are transmitted via tunneling and using Transport Layer Security (TLS) which is cryptographic protocols that that provide communications security over a your network;
  2. Enjoy protection against IP security risks with a private network designed specifically for business customers;
  3. Ensure an identical user experience across your organisation by connecting multiple offices on a single network;
  4. Add new locations, business partners or temporary sites easily and on demand, without impacting existing operations;
  5. Allow your mobile workforce and machine-to-machine assets to securely connect to your company’s private IP network anytime, anywhere
  6. Extend to Cloud VoIP and enjoy the integrated voice and data networks where your staff can enjoy advanced telephony functions with crystal-clear voice quality across all offices . Your business also have free intra-office calls and saving of up to 90% of IDD calls.