myPBX Networking with Analog phones and PABX.

When migrating to VoIP, business could keep their legacy phones with Analog VoIP Gateway: the analog  phones  are  not  going  anywhere. By  connecting analog  phones directly to the Analog VoIP Gateway device, the analog phones work like internal extensions of the myPBX.  Without additional investment  on  expensive  IP  phones,  enterprises  could  access  VoIP  networks  with  the cheap analog phones. Free internal communication, voicemail, conferencing, call transfer, call forwarding, and other convenient myPBX features are all open to analog phone extensions on Analog VoIP Gateway side.

work with Analog Phones


Our Expert can help you

If already existed a traditional PABX in your office, how can you add more PSTN lines/extensions or use VOIP solution in the exist solution?
myPBX with Analog VoIP Gateway solution will give you a favour, which can combine with exist PABX solution.

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