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Features Highlight

Smarter Office with myPBX

myPBX provides you with Unified Communication capabilities.

Given the sophistication of unified communications technology, its uses are myriad for businesses. This versatile solution offers crystal-clear voice quality on analogue phones, digital phones and IP phones, while making the same service available via a laptop softphone and mobile app.

  • Reduce monthly operating and management expenses 
  • Improve your customers' experiences and your staff's productivity 
  • Add new voice and video services that enhance your business

Intra-office connection

With myPBX, employees in multiple offices can call each other by direct extension calling. You may also do call transfer and call forward between offices to eliminate any communication boundary. Most important, all your voice traffic is routed through Internet or existing corporate data network, thus huge long distance cost can be saved.

Tele-workers support

myPBX provides the ability to make calls from your mobile phone or laptop by connecting the user to the phone system. Take advantage of your mobile data plans and save on the cost of your mobile calls by leveraging the PBX features.


myPBX provides complete voicemail system which allows users to receive, answer and manage their phone messages from any phone, either internal or external. Voicemail to email function will forward voicemail as attachment to your email address if you are not at office.

Call recording

Auto call recording is a great way to keep tabs on your business operations, reduce legal risks to your company and potentially meet industry- compliance criteria. This powerful feature allows the system to record all calls made from and to the extensions of the PBX. The recordings could be stored on an NAS/SAN storage or internal hard disk, and can be searched and managed easily by web UI at any time.

Auto attendant with IVR

Auto Attendant (AA) allows companies to save money and eliminates manual receptionist tasks. Auto-attendant supports dial by name, scheduled greeting and transferring incoming calls to differ- ent extensions. myPBX also features an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, enabling the user to segment the organization by building an IVR tree and record separate messages for each department. Incoming calls are routed to the IVR and callers can navigate through the different options in the tree.

Conference Bridge

The conference bridge of myPBX enables voice conferencing of up to 10 participants in one or more conference rooms. User access PIN code can be used for security purpose and conference admin will have the rights to control the conference.