We understand "not everyday is Sunday" thus things do not run perfectly all the time. Unlike our competition, we do not wait for networks and services to cause down time in your business and get you all upset. Therefore, we provide you around-the-clock technical support and troubleshooting; plus scheduled maintenance as our continuous effort to bring you a better service.

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fitdeskPlease provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you - such as "circuit ID", "Customer ID" and etc.

Escalation level

Level   Roles   Actions
1   Customer  

Customer contact AJP Customer Service for assistance (via email, phone or web)

2   AJP Customer Service


AJP CS personnel will take down customers’ comments and evaluate their cases. Individual case will be escalated to various domain specialists according to the customer issue.

3   Domain Specialist  

Domain specialist will assist customers with their issues and update AJP tech support of the status regularly.

4   3rd Party Vendor  

For special cases, AJP tech support personnel will escalate issues to third party vendor be involved to resolve the problem.