Maritime VoIP

VoIP Communications for Oil & Gas, Ships and Offshore Facilities

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Ship-to Shore VoIP

AJP's myPBX service allows crew to stay in contact with their family as a key contributor to a better quality of life on board. myPBX service is based on open SIP standards. This means that you can use the VoIP SIP function and transfer the calls free of charge over the internet. Using open standards also means that our solution is extremely cost effective when it comes to future maintenance and repairs. -You can easily swap out the SIP phone or gateway at a later date, without having to worry about being tied to certain phone or switch products via proprietary protocols. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the most widely used protocol for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP).

myPBX service, when deployed in the vessel with SIP IP Phones will allow crews on board to dial and receive calls from/to external numbers (PSTN/Mobile). Management also has the option to deploy Pin Codes for designated IP Phones at common areas by subsidizing or selling them to crew members to call home to their families.

For Better Quality Of Life On Board

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Integated to existing analog PABX

By preserving existing setup, myPBX solution can also be integrated to the existing analog PABX in the vessel. In this kind of setup, existing analog PABX extensions can call myPBX extension and vice-versa. With this integration, the telephone systems can now make/receive calls to/from external numbers (PSTN/Mobile).

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