Network Optimization .               

Resilent network, Improve performance & ROI 

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Improve app performance

WAN optimization and application acceleration technologies are critical for improving app performance for mobile, remote, and branch users and ensuring user satisfaction and productivity. Easily add resilient low cost network capacity, while also optimizing and accelerating the application experience, with AJP SD-WAN service.

AJP SD_WAN service, the smart alternative to traditional carriers for enterprise networking and virtualized IT service needs.

Join us and make your company a better place.

For The Distributed Enterprise 

The distributed enterprise requires a solution that ensure users remain connected at all times. One that strengthens security and that provides end-to-end visibility while simplifying the branch network. AJP SD-WAN service is that solution - built for your distributed enterprise.

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Reshaping The Modern Enterprise Network

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Provider neutral

work with any network provider and not bind to single provider network mean you have the freedom and scalability.

Economically expand WAN capacity

Add to your MPLS capacity with low cost broadband and LTE connectivity.

Business policies through application fluency

Identify over 4,000 applications and apply QoS and firewall policies from a single centralised management window.


Virtualise into one logical WAN

Bond multiple WAN links to create a single, secure, logical path. Maintain high performance for mission critical applications when a network link fails.

Simplify IT at the branch level

Simplify IT with integrated firewall, routing, WAN virtualization and WAN optimization to reduce network footprint.

Automate visibility

Gain visibility into application delivery in order to proactively manage the user experience.

Not ready for the cloud? 

AJP enables a seamless migration path by supporting on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions within one unified global service.